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Chen Ting, Li Han, James Kungand Jiaxin Xie, 2023“Trading Favours through the Revolving Door: Evidence from China’s Primary Land Market”. The Economic Journal,  133(649): 70–97.
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Bo, Shiyu, Ting, Chen, and Cong Liu, 2022. “Trade Shocks, Industrial Growth, and Electrification in Early Twentieth-Century China”. The Journal of Comparative Economics, 50(3): 732-749.

Chen Ting and James Kung2022. “War Shocks, Migration, and Historical Spatial Development in China”. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 94, 103718.
Daniel Mattingly and Ting, Chen. 2022. “The Missionary Roots of Nationalism: Evidence from China”. The Journal of Politics, 84(3): 1638-51.
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Chen Ting, James Kung, and Chicheng Ma, 2020. “Long Live Keju! The Persistent Effects of China's Imperial Examination System”. The Economic Journal, 130(631): 2030-2064.
Winner of 2020 Royal Economic Society Prize for the best paper published in the Economic Journal in 2020.     
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Chen Ting and Jean Ji Yeon HONG, 2020. “Rivals within: Political Factions, Loyalty, and Elite Competition under Authoritarianism”. Political Science Research and Methods, 9(3), 599-614. 
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​Chen Ting and James Kung, 2019. “Busting the 'Princelings': The Campaign against Corruption in China's Primary Land Market”. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(1): 185–226.
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Chen Ting, Zhenyu Gao, Jibao He, Wenxi Jiang, and Wei Xiong, 2018. Daily Price Limit and Destructive Market Behavior”. Journal of Econometrics, 208(1): 249-264.
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Chen Ting and James Kung, 2016. “Do Land Revenue Windfalls Create A Political Resource Curse? Evidence from ChinaJournal of Development Economics, 123(2016): 86-106.
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Chinese Publications 


李兵,岳云嵩,陈婷,2016。出口与企业自主技术创新:来自企业专利数据的经验研究,《世界经济》2016年12期。 Link
陈硕,陈婷,2014。空气质量与公共健康:以火电厂二氧化硫排放为例,《经济研究》2014 年第 8 期。Link  

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