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Working Papers

The Rise of the Chinese Communist Party” (with James Kung).

Download      Submitted  

“Railways, Telegraph and Technology Adoption: The Introduction of American Cotton in Early 20th Century China” (with Han Qi at SZU, and Jin Wang at HKUST
Download      Submitted  

Commercial Revolution in Medieval China (with James Kung). 
Download      Submitted 

“Environmental Change, Water Scarcity, and Farmers' Differentiated Adaptations: Evidence from the Three Gorges Dam” (with Chong Liu at PKU and Sen Ma at IESR, JINAN).
Download      Submitted 

“Subsidizing High-Rises for Growth or Vanity? An Empirical Assessment of Chinese Skyscrapers” (with Zhiyang, Chen, Yatang, Lin, and Jin Wang at HKUST).
Download     Preparing for submission 

“Delineating China’s Metropolitan Areas Using Commuting Flow Data” (with Yizhen Gu at HSBC, PKU, and Ben Zou at Michigan State).
Download     Submitted

“How COVID-19 Affects Democracy Discourses in China: Evidence from Weibo and Zhihu” (with Jean Hong and  Hanying Wei at HKUST).
     Preparing for submission

Selected Work in Progress

“Folksong and Revolution”.

“Censorship and Scholarship: Evidence from the Emperor's Four Treasuries Campaign in the 18th Century China” (with Chicheng Ma at HKU).

“Air Pollution and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from China” (with Shiyu Bo and Cong Liu). 

“A Tale of Three Channels: Real Estate Shocks and Firm Investment in China (with Laura Xiaolei Liu, Wei Xiong and Li'an Zhou). 

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